This Slot will Rock You

Posted on November 18, 2014

This slot is themed on the King of rock and roll and so if this doesn’t rock you, nothing will. The Elvis slot has obviously found popularity with the Elvis die-hard fans but it has also found popularity with the slot enthusiasts as well, due to its exciting game play and generous pay-out.

You don’t have to be an Elvis fan to enjoy this slot but I you are, you are in for a double treat. One of the good features on this slot is that there are 3 levels of play and as you move up a level, the wins get higher. You start on the first level winning according to the pay list but as you move up to the second level, the wins are multiplied by 2. As if that wasn’t good enough, as you move up to the third level, the wins are multiplied by 4 and so now you are really rocking.

As well as there being different levels of play that can see you earning some impressive wins, there are also some exciting additional features that can also provide some impressive wins. One of these features features a fan-o-meter and is triggered when you get 3 fan-o-meter symbols on the reels. In this round you are shown 5 TV screens each one displaying the title of an Elvis song and to the side of the TVs is the fan-o-meter. Choose one of the TV screens to see a clip of the song and as it plays, the fan-o-meter registers the fans applauds. If you have made a popular choice, the fan-o-meter will reach the max and you get to choose a next song which, as you get paid according to each fan-o-meter reading, means you can win still more.

Another feature is the photo memories bonus which is triggered when you get 2 photo memories symbols and 3 re-spin symbols. In this round you have an arrow that spins to point to an Elvis photo, each photo has its own value and the arrow will keep spinning until it stops in one particular spot a second time.

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