Elvis is in the House on these Slots

These slots are all about Elvis, the king of rock and roll and his presence is almost felt as both his songs and his photos are featured. When you play Elvis slots you get an ideal opportunity to reminisce of this great legend as in one of the bonus rounds, his music is featured and […]

Win with 60 Pay Lines on these Slots

Just as perhaps Elvis was unbelievable to some, the 60 pay lines on these slots will seem just as unbelievable but no less true. When you play Elvis slots, the multi-strike version, there are no less than an unbelievable 60 different pay lines that you could win on and that must add up to a […]

These Slots have 60 Pay Lines

Although many modern slot machines may have 20 or even 25 pay lines, it is most unusual for them to have even more. When you play Elvis slots though, the multi-strike version at least, you get all of 60 pay lines which means that although you can still keep your wager low by playing just […]

Multi Bonus Rounds on these Slots

All the versions of the slots that are themed on Elvis, the king of rock and roll, are filled with music and an atmosphere that is real Las Vegas, just as you would probably expect. When you play Elvis slots, at least the multi-strike version, you could feel like a high roller in that Vegas […]

A Fan-o-Meter Feature is on these Slots

On these slot machines there is a fan-o-meter features as a symbol on the reels and also one features again in one of the three bonus rounds. When you play Elvis slots there are three versions to choose from and it is the multi-strike version that features the fan-o-meter. When you get three of these […]

Impress the Fan-O-Meter on these Slots

In one of the bonus rounds on this slot machine, the response that is received from the fans, as registered by a fan-o-meter, will determine the size of the win you receive. When you play Elvis slots the Multi-Strike version, and reach the bonus round that is triggered by three of the fan-o-meter symbols, you […]