Fans help you Win on this Slot

In one of the bonus rounds on this slot machine, the amount that you win is dependent on the response of some Elvis fans. When you play Elvis slot and reach this bonus round, there is a fan-o-meter featured and it is the reading on that meter that determines how much you win. This slot […]

Feel the Vegas Atmosphere on this Slot

All the slots themed on the king of rock and roll have the atmosphere of Las Vegas about them, flashing lights and the sounds of the king. The top 20 version of the Elvis slot is featured mainly around the records of the king and so as symbols on the reels has a jukebox, a […]

A Whole Lotta Winning Going on on this Slot

With 60 pay lines available to win on, there has to be a whole lotta winning going on on this slot machine. When you play Elvis slot, the multi-strike version, there are all of 60 pay lines that you can win on but not only that, there are also three bonus rounds, a jackpot and […]

Enjoy the Soundtrack on this Slot

Whether you are playing the slot for fun or in the hope of winning a large sum, the one thing that you can be certain of with this slot machine is that the soundtrack is perhaps the best as it plays the songs sung by the King. When you play Elvis slot, regardless of which […]

Picture the Wins on this Slot

Because of his fame, photos were a big part in the life of the rock and roll icon, Elvis and in recognition of this, photos play a big role on this slot machine. When you play Elvis slot, the multi-strike version at least, there are photo memories symbols on the reels as well as photo […]

250,000 Coins Can be Won on this Slot

The jackpot on this slot machine is an amazing 250,000 coins and the best news is that you can have great fun as well as win other amounts whilst trying to win it. When you play Elvis slot not only is there a huge jackpot but there are also other great ways to win. For […]