Rock with the Legend on these Slots

There is no greater legend in the history of rock and roll than Elvis and it is his music you can enjoy as you play these slots. The Elvis slots are not just about music though, they are also exciting and potentially profitable to play especially considering that there are several bonus rounds to be […]

Three Bonus Rounds on these Slots

There are several versions of slot machines themed on the king of rock and roll but on the multi-strike version there are three bonus rounds with which you get the opportunity to win some big wins. These Elvis slots follow a theme that recognizes the King’s popularity, both with the fans and with the media […]

Wilds and free Spins Dominate these Slots

Just as Elvis once dominated as the king of rock and roll, it is the free spins feature and the amazing number of wilds on the reels of these slots that dominate the play. Although there are several versions of Elvis slots, it is the Little More Action Version that lives up to its name […]

There’s a Whole Lotta Fun on these Slots

These slots are a whole lot of fun whilst still being potentially profitable to any player. The Elvis slots and there are several versions of them, are colourful and rocking with action as the reels roll around to possibly award you a win and when they do, the multi-strike version at least, offers you the […]

There is a Multi-Strike on these Slots

These are just one of the versions of slots that are themed around probably the greatest rock and roll legend of all time and with 60 paylines available, these certainly do have a multi-strike factor. These versions of the Elvis slots emphasis the photographic appeal that this icon generated and so have symbols on the […]

60 Winning Lines on these Slots

Most slot machines today may have 20 or even as many as 25 pay lines but due to these slots having 3 sets of reels available to bet on, they have an incredible 60 pay lines and so you can bet a far wider variety of amounts. With so many paylines available on the Elvis […]