Rock with the Legend on these Slots

Posted on December 03, 2014

Elvis Top 20There is no greater legend in the history of rock and roll than Elvis and it is his music you can enjoy as you play these slots. The Elvis slots are not just about music though, they are also exciting and potentially profitable to play especially considering that there are several bonus rounds to be triggered.

One of these exciting bonus rounds can be triggered when you get at least 3 of the an-o-meter symbols showing on the reels. Once triggered, this round shows you 5 Elvis song titles displayed; one on each of 5 TV screens and beside the screens is a fan-o-meter. You are to select one of the TVs and it will start to show a clip of Elvis singing that song. The fan-o-meter registers the fans reaction to your choice and the amount that you win is dependent on the reading on the meter. If the meter reaches the maximum, you get to make another choice, obviously earning the opportunity to win even more.

Another bonus round is triggered when you get 3 re-spin symbols and 2 photo memories symbols on the reels at the same time. In this round, a gallery of Elvis photos surround an arrow. The arrow spins and whichever photo the arrow stops on is removed to an album and replaced with a collect card. Each of the photos has its own win value and the arrow will keep spinning and stopping on different photos until it finally comes to rest on a collect card which ends the round. Once the round has ended by the arrow stopping on a collect card, you do exactly that; collect the winnings from all of the photos that are in the album.

These slot machines are enjoyed by both Elvis fans that get a unique opportunity to hear some of his songs and also slot enthusiasts who get to win in an exciting and unusual way.

Elvis is already known as the King of rock and roll but will the popularity of these slots also gain him the name of King of the slots?

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