It’s one for the Elvis fans! Elvis was surely the king of rock and roll and so it’s only fitting that the slot machine made in his honour should bring his charisma to the world of slots. Whether you’re a fan of The King’s music or you just like great slots, these rocking reels are just the thing to breathe life back into your playing experience.

There are heaps of versions of the Elvis slot, and I love the flashy look and feel that they all have – it’s so Vegas! On its reels, you’ll see plenty of shots of Elvis lit up in classic Vegas lights. Somehow the slots manage to create a very immersive experience through the clips of Elvis speaking or even singing whilst you play the game. The combination of showmanship and slot entertainment is mind-blowing.

One of my favourite features of this slot series is the Action Free Spins Bonus, which you can trigger by spinning three or more bonus symbols. Elvis’ classic song ‘A Little Less Conversation’ blasts from your speakers (so make sure they’re on and turned up) as you watch 5 free spins play out across enriched reels, which are full of special features designed to have you winning big. Watching those reels spin and not having to pay for each is such a great way to boost your bank balance and it’s just like being in Vegas!

Another great feature is the stacked wild option. Wilds are great in general because they can help you to complete winning combinations by substituting for any other symbol (generally, the scatter is excluded from this) and stacked wilds are even better because they significantly increase your odds of winning. Elvis slots have stacked wilds across all the reels which means you can expect huge wins.

With Elvis’ popularity, it is little wonder that on its release the slot was well received by a large number of people and became an instant hit. All in all, Elvis slot is a fitting tribute to the King and a great piece of musical history!

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