History of Slots

It was in 1887 that slot machines were first introduced. Charles Fey, a mechanic from America, is known as the father of slot machine development. He initially devised a three-reel slot machine with five symbols on each reel: spades, horseshoes, diamonds, hearts and Liberty Bells. The machine was called the  Liberty Bell because the highest payout was rewarded for the combination of liberty bells. The Liberty Bell became so famous in Fey’s home state of California that Fey was unable to fulfill the demand for it from other states.

Eventually the slot machine became so famous that market pressures meant that other developers came in to create their own machines. In 1891, Sittman and Pitt created a five-reel machine for the first time; with 50 card faces, it was quite unlike anything ever seen before. The machine used poker combinations to generate a winning payout and was more complex than the original slot machine.

In 1963, a new modification arrived in slot machine industry when a fully automated electromechanical a lot machine was developed by Bally manufacturers. This slot machine, Honey-Money did not use the services of any attendant but could payout around 500 coins itself.

By 1976, video slots arrived in casinos and clubs; they were modified versions of the original slot machines. They became very famous as they minimized the chances of any cheating. They appeared on the Las Vegas casinos and are used till this day.

Paylines were very limited in early slot machines, with the advancement in technology; slot machine developers introduced many play lines in one slot machine, increasing them from 9 to 50. In some modern slot machines, the play line concept was totally abandoned and other ways, around 243, have been developed to increase the chances of winning and making the game more lucrative.

Most of the available space in casinos is reserved for slot machines, for the simple reason that players demand these machines more than any other game in the casino. It certainly helps that they also generate significant revenue for the casino.

With the trend of creating movie-themed slot machines, slots continue to grow in popularity in the gaming community. Slots of this kind use images and characters from the movies as symbols on the reels or to create bonus games surrounding the themes of the movie.

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