Fans help you Win on this Slot

Posted on December 18, 2014

elvis a little more action slotIn one of the bonus rounds on this slot machine, the amount that you win is dependent on the response of some Elvis fans. When you play Elvis slot and reach this bonus round, there is a fan-o-meter featured and it is the reading on that meter that determines how much you win. This slot is themed on the legendary King of rock and roll but as it is both exciting and potentially high paying; it has been made popular by both Elvis fans and slot enthusiasts.

One of the things that make this slot machine so popular is its exciting and interesting, unique bonus rounds, one of which features the fan-o-meter. This bonus round is triggered when you get 3 or more of the fan-o-meter symbols showing on the reels and when you do trigger it, you are in for a treat as it plays an Elvis clip of your choosing. The round features 5 TV screens, each displaying the title of one of Elvis’s songs. You select the song and the TV will then show a clip of Elvis singing it. To the side of the TVs is the fan-o-meter which registers the fans approval of your choice of titles and it is what is registered on the meter that determines the size of your win. If your taste in music is similar to the fans, the meter may reach its maximum, in which case you get to choose another title and hope that that too meets with the fans approval but it does yours as you get the opportunity to win more.

Another bonus round is the photo memories round and this one features many photos of the King. These photos are displayed in a circle and in the middle of the circle is an arrow. When the arrow is spun and stops on a photo, that photo is removed and placed in a photo album. In the photos place id placed a collect card. The arrow keeps spinning and stopping until it stops on a collect card which ends the round and sees you collecting the value of the photos in the album.

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