Elvis is in the House on these Slots

Posted on January 02, 2015

elvis multistrike slotThese slots are all about Elvis, the king of rock and roll and his presence is almost felt as both his songs and his photos are featured. When you play Elvis slots you get an ideal opportunity to reminisce of this great legend as in one of the bonus rounds, his music is featured and in another, his photos.

The bonus round that features some of Elvis’s songs, is triggered when you get at least 3 of the fan-o-meter symbols. In this round there are 5 Elvis song titles displayed in 5 TV screens and you must select one of them. The fans response to your selection, of which there will be a clip shown of Elvis singing it, is measured on the fan-o-meter and the higher the reading, the more you will win. If you are really in accord with the fans, the meter could measure its maximum and in cases like this, you get to choose another title and win more money.

The round that features Elvis’s photos is triggered by getting 2 photo memories symbols along with 3 re-spin symbols and once triggered, the round shows you a lot of Elvis photos surrounding an arrow and each photo has its own value. Each time the arrow spins and stops on a photo, the photo is removed to be placed in a photo gallery and the space it vacated is filled with a card that reads collect. The arrow will keep spinning and photos will keep being placed in the album until the arrow stops on a collect card, ending the round. Once the round has ended, all the values of the cards in the album are totalled and given to you as your win.

These slots have 3 levels of play and so the more you play; the higher level you play in. In the first level, wins are paid out at their true value but in the second level, those wins have a multiplier of x 2 and in the third level, all wins receive a multiplier of x 4.

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