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Well it’s One for the money, Two for the show, Three to go get ready, now go cat, go! We all love the King, but with so many impersonators vying for the crown, it can be hard to tell who’s real and who’s fake. The same goes for the entertaining Elvis Online Slot game. We’ve scoured the web for all the slots dedicated to the King to reassure your Suspicious Minds, and the King has 3 uniquely different slots dedicated to him: Elvis Top 20, Elvis Multistrike & Elvis: A Little More Action, each one capable of making you rich enough to afford your very own Graceland! Viva Las Vegas!


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Elvis Top 20

Elvis Top 20 is a 5 reel, 20 win line game with 2 bonus games and a Progressive. This is without a doubt one of the most faithful of 5 reel Elvis slot games around. You can play from just 5p if you’re ‘In the Ghetto’ or if you want to ‘Follow That Dream’ you can bet up to 500 and be in with a chance of winning up to £250,000! On top of that you can add to the jackpot by unlocking any one of the three bonus rounds which will have you doing the ‘Jailhouse Rock’. With 20 win lines to get lucky on, you’ll soon to be living the life of the King. Add to that the opportunity to switch between playing for free or for real at any time, sooner or later you’re sure to be hitting a number 1 with Elvis Top 20.

Elvis Multistrike

Elvis Multi-Strike is the next pretender to the online slots throne and certainly gives Elvis Top 20 a run for his money. This 5 reel Elvis slot machine features an incredible 60 paylines with three levels, multiple bonus features. You can even play from as little as 0.01p up to £5 per payline, which means if you bet on all 60 paylines you stand a chance of hitting the biggest jackpot! The best thing about Elvis Multi strike is that there are three levels of play and every time you win, you’ll rank up to the next level without having to pay a penny. The multipliers on the second and third levels mean you could double or triple up anything you win. To hit the highest jackpot, you need to spell out ELVIS across all 5 reels, if you manage this feat, you’ll win £10,000 or £1000 if you spell ELVI. As all payouts are multiplied by your total bet, you’re sure to be ‘All Shook Up’ by how much you could win! With Free Rides, Scatter Awards and even a Fan-O –Meeter bonus, including concert footage of Elvis playing live, this is definitely the slot of choice for die-hard fans of the King.

Elvis – A Little More Action

A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action, this Elvis Slot puts its money where its mouth is, with a maximum payout of £250,000. Bet from as little as 0.01p up to £1,250 on up to 50 paylines on 5 reels, to stand a chance of winning as much money as Elvis had hamburgers! Elvis – A Little More Action has no bonus rounds, instead it offers Free Spins Bonuses and the more wild symbols you can line up on the 5 reels, the larger the amount of money you could win. This Elvis slot machine even features the Elvis track ‘ A little less Conversation’ when you get 3 bonus symbols on the middle reels to release the Action Free Spins Bonus. Play the reels right and you could win up to 255 free spins for your entire bonus, if you manage to re-trigger the bonus by getting 3 bonus symbols on a free spin, you’ll get 5 free spins for your good luck.

About Elvis Slot Machines

Elvis Top20, Elvis Multistrike and Elvis – A Little More Action all offer something a little different from one another and are each worth checking out in their own right. I would say Elvis Top 20 probably has the best soundtrack, with a fun loving vibe that will keep you spinning till the early hours. Elvis Top 20 feels highly polished and has 3 separate bonus features, including a great Elvis Wheel bonus activated when you get 3, 4 or 5 gold record symbols in a row, here you can land a multiplier between 3x and 125x your bet. It’s easy to make a healthy buck on Elvis Top 20 as the bigger you bet on the spin, the more the bonus pay out will be.

Elvis Multistrike is a unique option as it offers 3 slot games in 1, with 2 stunning bonus rounds to get you all shook up! The best thing about Multistrike is probably the fact that it offers 60 paylines and best of all when you hit the second and third levels of the reels, your bet will multiplied by x2 and x4 respectively. Elvis Multistrike is a bright and easy game to play, with some real gems for the fans, including the Photo Memories Bonus, triggered by 2 Photo Memories symbols and 3 wild bonus symbols and my personal favourite, the Fan O Meter Bonus. Hit 3 Fan O Meter symbols and you’ll be treated to a choice of 5 TV’s each playing classic concert footage of Elvis, choose your show and the stronger the audience response is, the higher your pay out will be, with the possibility of an encore if you ‘peg the meter’!

Elvis – A Little More Action, is the latest Elvis themed slot machine hot on the heels of Junkie Xl’s remix, and it doesn’t disappoint, offering a more straight forward style of play than Elvis Multi Strike, but not quite reaching the same level of involvement as Elvis Top 20 as it only offers a Free Spins Bonus. Having said you can win the most amount of free spins on Elvis – A Little More Action, with up 255 free spins, meaning you have a great chance of landing the jackpot, if you’re lucky enough to spin 3 bonus symbols in the bonus round. On top of that you can stack your wilds, to increase your winnings on multiple lines, so if you see the King spinning on your pay line you’ll be getting a lot more action!

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